Welcome to The Soundtrack of my Life


When I like something, I really like to talk about it. As you will probably surmise by taking a little stroll around this network.

But one of the things I really like to talk about is music. Maybe because I am a musician…of sorts.

Or maybe because it’s just one more of those annoying and pretentious things I enjoy doing.

Who knows.

There was a time during  the  early aughts… The movie version of American Psycho had recently come out. So, any time during a friendly get together that I would start opening my mouth about a band I liked, someone in the room would turn to me and say, in their best Christian Bale, “do you like Phil Collins?”  Reminding me that yes, indeed, when I start to talk about music I sound just like Patrick Bateman during one of his rants about the artistic merit of Whitney Houston or Huey Lewis and the News.

Well… That’s basically what this is. In blog form. It’s a guided tour through my music library – one band at a time. Maybe you’ll agree with my tastes or maybe you won’t.


But I’ll always try to keep it interesting.

Now, let’s listen to some music.